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Dead Deer Removal Montgomery County

We provide dead deer removal services in southeast Pennsylvania, primarily Montgomery County and Bucks County. We do not remove roadkill deer from highways or roads. We are a private company, and are available for dead deer removal services for a fee. Prices vary depending on region or size of deer, so please call for a phone estimate.

We service the greater Philadelphia area, including Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, & Philadelphia Counties. We service the towns of Upper Darby, Lansdowne, Broomall, Media, Brookhaven, Chester, Concordville, Newtown Square, Downingtown, West Chester, King of Prussia, Audubon, Norristown, Conshohocken, Willow Grove, and more. We do travel further for larger jobs, or schedule permitting, so if you are unsure about our service range, just give us a call! Philadelphia Wildlife Pest Control Home Page - Learn about all of our services, and more about our animal control company.


Once in a while it is a common scenario to find dead animals outside. They might have died because of several reasons which might include sickness, attacks from other animals or being killed by other people. Deer fall victims to all these. Deer are one of the world’s most beautiful animals and live in different sections of the world. Like any other animal, Pennsylvania deer are prey to other animals higher in the food chain. Such animals that attack deer include mountain lions, lions, bears and tigers. It is natural that the deer fall victim to death. The deer might also fall sick because of an injury and die. This is usually when they lose their strength to move and run around and just sit down until they die. People also hunt deer. Some do it as a hobby while some do it to cut off their beautiful horns because they make good decorations on the wall. All these incidences show that you are most likely to find a dead deer when you are walking around in forested areas. You should be aware of the next actions to take when you find this dead deer in front of your house or just in the area. Here’s what to do:

1. Do not touch it. This is a very common mistake that people do when they find any dead animal lying outside. The deer might have died because of an infection or a sickness. Touching it with your bare hands might also transfer the infection to you. The repercussions of touching it might not be felt immediately but after some time your skin might respond towards this. Allergies and other types of infections come into place.

2. When you find a Pennsylvania dead deer, be aware that a wild animal might have killed it. So, the wild animal might be close and might come back for its prey and find you there. We all know animals like mountain lions do not like unwanted people close to their food. If you are going to approach it, then be careful. Confirm if there are any wild animals around first.

3. The best step to take once you find a dead deer is to contact the animals handling and care centre near you. If it is on private property call Philadelphia Wildlife Pest Control for professional service. These guys are experts when it comes to dealing with animals, dead or alive. They ask you questions and they will know what to do next. They may also give you advice on what to do once you find a dead deer again.

It is important to follow all these steps once you find a dead deer in Pennsylvania because it is your safety that matters in the end. We provide dead deer carcass removal in Montgomery County PA and Bucks County PA, and Lehigh County.