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Philadelphia Raccoon Control & Removal

About Raccoons: Raccoons, with their black mask and ringed tail, cause a wide variety of problems. They are very strong and nimble, and often tip over garbage cans or pry their way inside houses. They commonly break into the attics of homes. Frequently, a female raccoon with babies will enter an attic. Raccoons are cute, but they can be very destructive. We humanely trap and relocate these animals. It's important to find and remove the baby raccoons if there's a momma raccoon in the attic.

Raccoons are a common nuisance animal in southeast Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia and Montgomery County, raccoon have become a particularly common problem, as they have invaded many homes in the area. If you need a professional solution for your Philadelphia raccoon problem, give us at A Wildlife Pro a call.

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We service the greater Philadelphia area, including Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, & Philadelphia Counties. We service the towns of Upper Darby, Lansdowne, Broomall, Media, Brookhaven, Chester, Concordville, Newtown Square, Downingtown, West Chester, King of Prussia, Audubon, Norristown, Conshohocken, Willow Grove, and more. We do travel further for larger jobs, or schedule permitting, so if you are unsure about our service range, just give us a call!

Philadelphia Raccoon Control Emails:

Hello Kris, I have read almost all of your informative website. Great job indeed. I have a question. We had a mother raccoon that tore one of the rubber flashings on the roof vent stack (making a big hole) and then proceeded to deliver 6 babies in our attic. As soon as I heard the noise the first time, I called a licensed company who laid a couple of traps in the attic, which didn't work. On the 18th day, the guy came and asked me to bang the upper floor ceiling with a broom and it caused the mother raccoon to get out of the attic and disappear in the backyard. The trap guy then opened a soffit and physically removed 6 babies. He checked to make sure there were not any more left there. He laid fresh bait and traps for the mother on her exit path and told us that once she would find that her babies are gone there would be no reason for her to come back and that she would leave on her own OR get trapped. Based on this info, I put a rubber flashing on the vent stack to prevent rain from coming in to the attic, but did not nail it. The following night there was a lot of noise and next day I saw that the flashing was pushed up on the stack. It has been 3 days and we still hear the raccoon leave at night and return before dawn. Should we close all access to the attic permanently now that the babies are not there OR will that cause her to make further damage to our roof or soffits? I was thinking of getting a repair guy who specializes in animal proofing the home and getting him to drive the raccoon away first and then close off all access. Is that a good idea or should I just wait it out until the raccoon loses interest in our attic? You advice would be deeply appreciated. Kind Regards Vikas

MY RESPONSE: Your trapper is not very good. Traps set inside the attic will never catch the animal. At least he got the babies, which is good. But yes, once the young are gone, the female ought to leave. Unless she goes into heat and mates again and wants to use the same attic. I'd seal the holes, and maybe even sprinkle some raccoon eviction fluid or coyote urine around the entry hole areas to encourage her to leave.

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