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We are A Wildlife Pro, and we operate a professional wildlife removal business servicing Ardmore, PA. We are not a Ardmore pest control company or Ardmore exterminator. We strictly deal with wild animals, like raccoons, squirrels, bats, skunks, and more. We offer building inspections and animal damage repairs, Ardmore animal trapping services, attic cleanup, and more. If you need fast Ardmore wildlife removal services at a fair price, call us any time to discuss your Ardmore critter problem and to schedule a same-day or next-day appointment.

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Ardmore wildlife removal tip of the month:

Do flying squirrels chew on wood and electrical wires? Why, and what are the risks? The real habitat of flying squirrels is the wooded area but they can happily live in human area as well. While making their home in your home they cause several damages to the property. You can repair many damages without any special effort but still there are many damages to your property that could be so costly.

Reasons why flying squirrels chew:
Flying squirrels needs something to chew constantly. It can chew everything that is not metal. The main reason why they chew is to get access to food. They can chew windowsill to fulfill the purpose. They can also chew the building wires and wires under the car. Whatever the reasons the results will be disastrous. According to a research squirrels even floss their teeth. Flying squirrels can chew every material except metals including plastic, wood, wires etc. The front teeth of the flying squirrels keep growing throughout the lives. In order to keep the teeth trimmed up to a proper length the squirrels chew on stuff and this might be the other big reason why flying squirrels chew. A big problem occurs when squirrels don’t have their normal methods of teeth trimming that include chewing on walnuts, acorns or other hard coated seeds accumulated from trees, hence chew instead your home, property or anything else in order to keep their teeth trimmed.

Items flying squirrels can chew:
The flying squirrels can chew: • the roofing shingles • walls • wood siding • Sheds • Barns • Doors • grill covers • plastic yard lights • patio furniture • nonmetal parts of parked vehicles etc. You can easily imagine how dangerous the chewing habit could be and it is very necessary to stop the little creature from doing so. There are several techniques how the flying squirrels could be stopped from doing damages to your property.

Thing to remember:
The most important point to keep in mind in this context is to start acting as soon as you see the first signs of the damage rather waiting for let these pesky critters have chewed a big gaping hole at the side of your house or on top of your roof.

Damage caused by chewing:
Chewing wires and woods can cause big dangers. The damaged wires can cause short circuit that could be even life threatening. It can also destroy the electrical items. Similarly chewing wood can damage the walls, ceilings, attic and even your beautiful, green yard.

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