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Philadelphia Mouse and Rat Control & Removal

About Rats: The rats in Pennsylvania are Roof Rats (rattus rattus). They commonly enter homes and attics, and can be heard at night scampering across the ceiling or up and down the walls. They are common disease vectors, and as rodents, they pose a threat with their chewing. Chewing on electrical wires can create a fire hazard. The only way to solve a rat problem is by finding and sealing all points of entry shut. Never use poison for rat control! Only creates a bigger problem!

Rats and mice are common nuisance rodents in southeast Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia and Montgomery County, rats have become a particularly common problem, as they have invaded many homes in the area.

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We service the greater Philadelphia area, including Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, & Philadelphia Counties. We service the towns of Upper Darby, Lansdowne, Broomall, Media, Brookhaven, Chester, Concordville, Newtown Square, Downingtown, West Chester, King of Prussia, Audubon, Norristown, Conshohocken, Willow Grove, and more. We do travel further for larger jobs, or schedule permitting, so if you are unsure about our service range, just give us a call!

Philadelphia Rat Control Emails:

Hi: For the Ten years I have lived in my King of Prussia two story home, I have only gotten one nights sleep. I have look high and low for what is going bump in the night. I have had animal control, county Vector control and Federal land services look at my home (several times). They are stumped. I have recently found rat droppings under the house. all the traps I set are activated but no rat in the trap? I know I also have a small snake. I have a buffet of various foods to find out what is under the house, nothing? I have started putting flour down to find tracks. Animal control could not tell what it was, small spider like prints, she said it was not raccoon and is most likely rats or mice. At about and around 4:am each morning I get woken from a dead sleep with a bump bump and then some sort of scratching and scurrying around. I cannot tell from what specific direction (high or low) it is coming from. Other nights there are more bumps during the night, but this has been going for 10 years.  I am starting to really think it's rats or mice. What do I do? Fred

We need help!!!!!! About 6 months ago I had back surgery and was laid up for a while. About a month after my surgery we check our 2005 Silverado and found that it had been infested by rats. I guess I need to back up and tell you that we live out in the country. By the time we found out what happened the truck smelled so bad that you could not stand to open the door. The rats have now chewed the wireing and you can not crank that truck. Now they are getting in our 2008 Dodge Ram truck and are leaving droppings and chewing the carpet. This is avery expensive loss. Is there any thing we can do to stop this infestation. Thanking you for your help Linda

MY RESPONSE: That's a tough case. You can't stop them from going inside a truck. Maybe park inside a garage? Other than that, I guess I'd set trapping stations around the truck - basically, a rat trap inside a box.

Hi Kris, I just recently found a rat den under landscape fabric in my greenhouse. I was able to catch some, but the long term issue is that I don't know how to keep them out once they are all gone. The greenhouse is over two feet of TRG that can be easily dug into. Do you have any suggestions. The remaining Rats I was going to put traps out to get should I put them near to where I found the den? peanut butter for bait? Any suggestions would be great, Thanks for your time. Meghan