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Philadelphia Opossum Control & Removal

About Opossums: Opossums are unique animals. They are marsupials, which means that the mother gives birth to teensy tiny young that actually grow in a pouch. The opossum has a prehensile tale, opposable thumbs, and sometimes play dead. Possums frequently eat garbage and pet food, and often live under sheds or even crawl up into the attics of homes.

Opossums are a common nuisance animal in southeast Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia and Montgomery County, possum have become a particularly common problem, as they have invaded many homes in the area. If you need a professional solution for your Philadelphia possum problem, give us at Philadelphia Wildlife Pest Control a call.

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We service the greater Philadelphia area, including Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, & Philadelphia Counties. We service the towns of Upper Darby, Lansdowne, Broomall, Media, Brookhaven, Chester, Concordville, Newtown Square, Downingtown, West Chester, King of Prussia, Audubon, Norristown, Conshohocken, Willow Grove, and more. We do travel further for larger jobs, or schedule permitting, so if you are unsure about our service range, just give us a call!

Philadelphia Opossum Control Emails:

I saw your possum photos on the web. Your breadth of animal removal is quite impressive. I have a question for you and can use your expertise. I have two possums that come up on my porch and eat my cat's food. They will also get in his heated house and stay. I saw a photo of a plastic owl on your site. Do you think that if I don't leave food out at night AND have an owl, the possums will quit coming up? I am an animal lover and hate the thought of harming them. I've screamed at them, swatted at them with a broom and sprayed water on them to no avail. What do you think? Kelly

MY RESPONSE: Plastic owl = 0% change in opossum behavior Not leaving food out = 100% change in opossum behavior The plastic owl photo was a joke of course, and all animals care about is food.

HaHa! Thank you for the insight. I loved your photos by the way. You seem to get a kick out of your job. Your sense of humor is unexpected from a wildlife relocator. Thanks for the advice! Tonight, operation rid-a-opossum begins.

Hi. i was doing some research and saw your site and photos. coincidence - i was born in Pennsburg, then we moved our to Philly a year later. i just hope that you're able to try and get the message thru to some people about how wonderful and special some of these animals are. some people are so very ignorant. i know that they can be 'pesky', but i luv 'em. especially possums. they're pre-historic, and good mommies, they have cute noses and they eat bugs! but for people to want to kill them or hurt them on purpose. ugh! i've had people at my work tell me they've gone after possums with baseball bats, etc, or that they run them down when they see them in the road because 'they're ugly' and 'they're mean'????? mean?? jeez, the only thing they can do is open their mouths and hiss at you! anyway......i hope you have a great weekend and a prosperous year in your job. just....if you could.....for this possum lover on the other side of the country.....spread a little knowledge out to folks. Thanks. Lori