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Philadelphia Squirrel Control & Removal

About Squirrels: The Eastern Gray Squirrel loves to live inside the attics of Pennsylvania homes. Squirrels have two litters of young per year, in late summer and late winter, so people often notice the scurrying of young squirrels in the attic in September or March. Squirrels are rodents, who love to chew on the woodwork of your home, and the electrical wiring inside your attic. We are experts at trapping and removal, plus total "squirrel-proofing" of your house.

Squirrels are a common nuisance animal in southeast Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia and Montgomery County, squirrel have become a particularly common problem, as they have invaded many homes in the area.

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We service the greater Philadelphia area, including Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, & Philadelphia Counties. We service the towns of Upper Darby, Lansdowne, Broomall, Media, Brookhaven, Chester, Concordville, Newtown Square, Downingtown, West Chester, King of Prussia, Audubon, Norristown, Conshohocken, Willow Grove, and more. We do travel further for larger jobs, or schedule permitting, so if you are unsure about our service range, just give us a call!

Philadelphia Squirrel Control Emails:

GREAT INFORMATION! thanks. i had the chewed/rotten eave (aka squirrel door) closed up yesterday.....there were 3 areas to be repaired.....carpenters here all day, lots o'noise. My HOPE was squirrels had left in the morning to forage, and any that might have stayed behind would have left because of the noise. this morning I awoke to the dreaded gnawing above my ceiling!! so it seems something was closed in afterall!! I also prefer to not poison/kill them. I have an attic stairway which is in the garage, so i decided to lower it, and open outside door so critters might see new source of light and exit that way. unfortunately, it is on the opposit end of the house from where the gnawing is going on. my other idea would be to remove the soffit vent near where their original doorway used to be. i wonder if with your experience, you think a squirrel might look around the attic looking for new exit if it were hungry/thirsty? thanks for great information......I work with BBCC to restore the black bear in Louisiana, (bbcc.org) and very much am a supporter of things wild. just would prefer they NOT be in my attic!! josephine

Tough call. The squirrel might use the open attic stairway, but most of the time, squirrels are stubborn. If it's still there, open the soffit vent. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I was camping in southern AZ last week. The BBCC looks great! Is there anything I can do to support your organization from my squirrel website?

Kris, I didn't expect to hear from you and thank you for writing.....IT WORKED!! I DID lower the attic stairs in garage, and within an hour, heard it overhead near the garage...I saw a squirrel outside running on windowsill away from the garage door and toward the other end of house. i quickly peeked outside and saw 2 squirrels racing one another toward their old "doorway" . I quickly closed the outside door, and left the stairway down, in case there were others. its been a week ad no sounds!!! whew! I suspect the only reason it worked was there was another exit provided quickly after it became trapped. so they are running free.....and my attic is once again squirrel free!! camping in AZ sounds fun!!! hope it was great weather.

We'd be happy for you to join BBCC....thanks for the interest. what sort of support were you thinking might work on your website?? We will celebrate 20th anniversary on May 14 with a dinner and art exhibit and of course a brief walk down our history of restoring the bear. I have spent the better part of 30 min trying to find your fact filled website and amazingly I cannot find it. please give me the url. I tried several searches. and know I saved it somewhere because it is so wonderfully written. are you the Kris in PA? if yes, AZ was a long way to travel to go camping for sure!! thanks. josephine