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Lansdale Wildlife Control & Removal

We are A Wildlife Pro, and we operate a professional wildlife removal business servicing Lansdale, PA. We are not a Lansdale pest control company or Lansdale exterminator. We strictly deal with wild animals, like raccoons, squirrels, bats, skunks, and more. We offer building inspections and animal damage repairs, Lansdale animal trapping services, attic cleanup, and more. If you need fast Lansdale wildlife removal services at a fair price, call us any time to discuss your Lansdale critter problem and to schedule a same-day or next-day appointment.

  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Operating 24-7-365
  • Residential & Commercial
  • 8 Years Experience
  • Serving Lansdale
  • Humane Wildlife Trapping
  • Building & Home Inspections
  • Animal Damage Repairs
  • Wildlife Prevention
  • Attic Biohazard Cleanup
  • Squirrels in Attics
  • Raccoons in Attic / Chimney
  • Rat and Mouse Eradication
  • Bat and Bird Control
  • Groudhog, Opossum, Skunk

Lansdale wildlife removal tip of the month:

How to kill flying squirrels?
Flying squirrels are the one of the unique furry friend that is found in North America. It has been rare to watch a flying squirrel gliding through the blue sky with the parachute of its body. Flying squirrel, just like other squirrel, has a fluffy tail that is used for balance, particularly comes in handy to stabilize while gliding. In search of food and shelter the flying squirrels seek safe place in human living areas. They can destroy the area in many senses like: • Bad odor • Chewing wires and wood • Health issues Sometimes it becomes very difficult to let this destructive creature out of the walls, ceilings and even attics and it is thought to kill it instead. Remember killing the flying squirrel is illegal. But killing rabid one may be a good reason to kill it. You can adopt any of the following method to kill the flying squirrel:

Rodent repellent sprays can probably drive out the squirrels until they do not escape into some other place of your home. Such sprays are usually very potent and smell awful, therefore they are not considered a good choice. Poison can kill the flying squirrel but in this case it will also try to escape in wall or ceiling. No matter how pesky flying squirrel was in the walls or ceiling, it will not compare to the stench left from the decaying animal in your ceiling or wall.

You can use the technique of trapping and killing. Set the trap on the place that is most used for entering and exiting by the flying squirrels. You can use either commercial or homemade bait for this reason. Now close all the entering points except one. When you are successful in trapping the animal, you can kill it easily. There are many kinds of traps available in the market for the same purpose.

Yes! You can shoot a flying squirrel with an air rifle. The 1000 FPS gun can certainly do this job easily. Keep one thing in view, the aim should be accurate otherwise the consequences will not be favorable. A bad aim may also leave the animal suffering. Using a BB gun is rather a better idea than poisoning as many people try it first. Poisoning may also bring some legal issues that can cause mental disturbance and load on pocket in form of fine.

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