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We are A Wildlife Pro, and we operate a professional wildlife removal business servicing Quakertown, PA. We are not a Quakertown pest control company or Quakertown exterminator. We strictly deal with wild animals, like raccoons, squirrels, bats, skunks, and more. We offer building inspections and animal damage repairs, Quakertown animal trapping services, attic cleanup, and more. If you need fast Quakertown wildlife removal services at a fair price, call us any time to discuss your Quakertown critter problem and to schedule a same-day or next-day appointment.

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Quakertown wildlife removal tip of the month:

What animals catch and kill snakes? Though is a deadly animal, still there are a number of animal species that can catch and kill the snake. Some species are even especially trained to kill the snakes. It is amazing to know that common house dogs and cats can also kill the snakes. Here are some animals listed below that are trained to kill the snakes:

1- Hedgehog
It is very interesting that such a small, weak and slow animal can kill a viper. The hedgehog opposes the bind and retreated attack of the viper with an armor of spines. This irritates the viper each time it attacks on hedgehog and finally he is wounded badly due to armor of spines and could not be able to attack anymore. The hedgehog then starts biting from snake’s neck and do it several times. It crushes the vertebrae.

2- Rattles or Honey badgers:
This animal is famous for its snake killing abilities. It can consume a 1.5 meter snake in only 5 minutes. Honey badgers are immune to cobra venom that is greatly neurotoxic for humans. This furious carnivore is even known to steal a snake’s kill and then to hunt the snake.

3- Mongoose:
This creature fascinates the snakes with their gaze, turn them immobilize, tossing them and then devour them. This fight of the strong and precise bites of mongoose and the reptile is extremely rapid. Mongoose can kill a 3 meter long king cobra. But remember this creature is not fully immune to the snake venom but resistant to it. In a happy case, mongoose requires several hours until the venom effect is vanished, and then it is back and starts eating.

4- Secretary bird
Snakes are known as the most favorite prey of the secretary birds. These birds have long legs ad used to kill snake through precise but strong kicks. It raises the snake in the air and then throws it away on stones, in case it fails to kill the snake on ground.

5- Snake VS snake
The best prey of a snake is another snake. Snake’s shape makes it easier to swallow another snake. There are hundreds of snake species that are expert in eating snakes. The largest venomous snake, king cobra which is up to 5.5 meter long is a snake specialist. The scientific name of cobra is “Ophiophagus” that also means “snake eater”.

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